Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Facebook Chat Firefox Plugin

FacebookFacebook finally released their chat functionality to all their users today. It's fantastic! I quickly came to the conclusion that it did have one major flaw: you have to be on the Facebook page to see any incoming messages. So to solve this, I quickly knocked up a Firefox add-on to alert you if you have any new chat messages. You can download it here.Firefox Facebook Chat Add-on Screenshot

It uses the built-in Firefox alert system, so you'll need Firefox 3 on OS X (for Growl) and 2 for other OSs. At the moment you also have to leave the Facebook page open, if I have time later, I'll deal with this so that you can close the Facebook page.

PLUG: Donate 2 Date is my Facebook app. It helps raise money for charity by setting people up on dates. Check it out!

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