Sunday, 30 November 2008

Facebook Group Email Limits

Facebook do not allow group owners with more than 5000 members to message all their members at once. Facebook have made this decision to stop people from acquiring large Facebook groups in order to spam the members. A group with over a million members would be incredibly valuable as there is a very direct and clutter free communication channel with the members.

However, I think that Facebook have missed a trick here. They have been struggling to find a revenue model for a while now and allowing this kind of marketing might give them a stready income stream by charging companies who want access to their group members. For example, say a million people sign up to the 'I Love Sprite' group. Sprite would have no way of sending a message to these users, despite them all having expressly shown their interest in Sprite.

Facebook could charge Sprite to message their users. This fee could also help to pay for decent quality control and to enforce any rules they might have. Facebook is already proficient at rejecting low quality ads (though they do have a inventory problem), this shouldn't be difficult for them.

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