Saturday, 1 September 2012


MarkdownPreview is a small Windows utility to watch a text file written in Markdown for changes and to render it to HTML. You can download it or visit the project page.

MarkdownPreview 0.1.0

I write my blog posts in Markdown using Vim. I wanted to be able to preview what I was writing as I was writing it. While there are some Markdown enabled editors out there, I wanted to stick to Vim, so I wrote a small utility to watch my markdown file for changes and re-render to HTML whenever I save it.

I think this is my first open-source effort (MIT license)! It's only about an hours worth of work, so there may well be problems. Let me know if you find any. The main problems now are:
  • The page scrolls back to the top when it reloads
  • The links are followed in MarkdownPreview, not externally
  • There is annoying sound-effect when the page reloads
  • No syntax highlighting
I'll take a look at these soon.

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